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Who are we?

Top-Sorb is a leading manufacturer of clay&mineral desiccants packets in China, also a professional supplier of bentonite clay &activated mineral in bulk of global desiccant packaging companies.


PureSorb® bentonite clay

AcSorb® activated clay

UniPak® clay desiccant

AcPak® mineral desiccant

Bentonite mine

In 2004, Top-Sorb joined a bentonite mine as a member of shareholders and built its own manufacture base near the mine, which is located in Ning Cheng county, a place in the middle of Inner Mongolia. It is a newly explored bentonite mine, with montmorillonite content higher than 95%, which is the finest in quality among all bentonite mines found in China even in the world up to now.

Clay Factory

Top-Sorb’s clay factory is engaged in production of pure bentonite clay and activated clay&mineral, including the selection of raw materials, sun-cure, primary and 2nd drying, impurity removal, particles filtration&clarifying, bag packaging etc.
Main production machines&Facilities:

conveyor, bucket elevator, cylinder dryer, horizontal dryer, high intensity magnetic separator, particle sieving machine, packing bin, granulating machine, etc..
The clay we produced, is not only for self use, but also export to global desiccant packing companies in accordance with different standards including China GJB2714-96, USA MIL-D-3464E, Japan JIS Z-0701, Germany DIN55473 etc..

Packing Factory

Top-Sorb packing factory is located in Shanghai, the centre of China market, engaged in the packaging of desiccant sachets and bags, the laminating, printing, cutting of desiccants package materials, with breathable film.

Main production equipment: automatic laminating machine, printing machine, slitting machine, feeding machine, mixing machine, ultrasonic machine, multi-functional digital packaging machine, cup type packaging machine, weighing type packaging machine etc.

Top-Sorb believes in “good product comes from good machine”. With on-site studies and investigations at Japanese, German, American parter’s factories, Top-Sorb gives great importance to the selection and investment of high tech machines and professional staff. Top-Sorb is proud of its facilities and production technology, which is at a higher level than domestic players.

Top-Sorb’s factory has powerful production capacity, strictly running under ISO9001:2008 quality management system.

Top-Sorb has fully functional laboratory with high-precision test instruments equipped. All the instruments are strictly measured and verified regularly by official department. It serves for daily routine quality testing of production systems, on the other hand, provides strong technical support to the development of new techniques, new formula, new products.

Top-Sorb’s market network

With unique brand influence, TOPSORB’s market network is covering the global mainstream markets.

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Difficulty first, easy afterward:With high quality product and service, in 2005, Top-Sorb began to export to the toughest and strictest Japan and German market. In 2006, Top-Sorb began to export to USA and Brazil. Up to 2013, Top-Sorb has exported to 31 countries worldwide.
America:United State, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Peru;
Asia: Japan, Korea,Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Isreal,Oman, Vietnam, Saudi Arab;
Oceania:Australia, New Zealand;
Europe: United Kingdom ,German, Italy, Bulgaria, Belgium, Norway, France,Ukraine;
Africa:South Africa, Nigeria

International first, domestic afterward:In 2006, Top-Sorb began to do the domestic market, and has now established a large number of stable customer base in domestic industries.

Top-Sorb international road

Since 2003, Top-Sorb has built strategic partnership with several well-known international brand desiccant companies in Japan, U.S.A, Germany, carrying out various forms of cooperation, including the supplying of desiccant raw materials, development of packaging material, OEM production, market network sharing. In Oct 2006, Top-Sorb set up a subsidiary in Hong Kong.
In 2009, United Ports Group becomes a shareholder of Top-Sorb, launched a series of cooperation.
With the growing of our career, Top-Sorb gives more and more importance of recruiting talented people with a higher vision.
By strengthening R & D and international marketing team, Top-Sorb is improving and updating its brand and system every month.

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