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Bentonite Mine

Bentonite Mine Top-Sorb takes pride in its bentonite mine in Inner Mongolia, which covers 20 square kilometers. The high quality part covers 3.6 square kilometers. It has 3 mineral deposits with thickness of 0.6m, 0.8m, 1.2m, with color in white, grayish white, purple or purple/white. Its montmorillonite content is higher than 95%, cation interchange volume at 115-139 mmol/100g, coefficient of expansion at 7-10ml/g. Under X light diffraction, the mineral consists of almost whole montmorillonite, only very few quartz composition. It is ideal raw material of producing chemical, pharmaceutical, environment protection, nanometer materials. The other part is common bentonite, with thickness of 3~5 meters.
Our montmorillonite was initially only used in pharmaceutical fields due to its excellent quality and high purity. We promoted it to desiccant market only in order to enlarge its consumption quantity. The industries we serve include electric and metal products, semi-conductor, precise instruments etc.
Comparing with other similar products, our clay desiccant has strong advantages as follows:
a. adsorption capacity reaches 25~27% at 25℃,RH=80%
b. moisture contenct less than 0.7% (170℃)
c. montmorillonite content higher than 95%
stock clay
drying clay
packing clay
On truck
clay loading

(Remarks: the above pictures are only of some parts of mining and production, not complete flow path)

Flow Chart of the Mining and Production of Bentonite Clay


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